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Animals up for adoption in HK

Thinking of getting a pet? There are so many animals for adoption that need a place to call home. It’s definitely worth considering this option before you rush out to the nearest pet shop. Could yours be a forever home for one of these cuties?

Katy Perry

Meet the fabulous Katy Perry. You can see the wonderful energy in her eyes. She’s been at Catherine’s Puppies, a dog shelter in Sai Kung, for a while now and is a favourite with visitors. Katy has a big energy and can be smothering with her excitement when you first meet her. Her heart is bursting with love and she’s ready to join an active family looking for a dog who can keep up with a high-energy life.

Katy Perry dog

Oscar & Otis

Awwww, look at these chunky little pups! These brothers love eating boiled chicken and making a mess. But the undeniable cuteness factor and their serious cuddling skills more than make up for any spills!

Oscar and otis 2

Happily Ever After

Sophie is a Bichon who was adopted by Adele and her gorgeous family. She’s joined an extended family of other rescued dogs and is loving her new home. Thanks to Catherine’s Puppies for making another wonderful match!


Aside from adoptions, Catherine of Catherine’s Puppies is always looking for foster homes to take cute animals for short-term stays. If your family is a candidate for taking a foster-puppy for a while, reach out to her via the WhatsApp number below.

The Catherine’s Puppies shelter is open daily from 11am to 4pm.
Get in touch on WhatsApp (6799 7530) for info or enquiries.

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