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Scholarships that are changing lives

Scholarship programmes can change lives. Jerry Greenfield, one of the founders of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, went to college on a scholarship and later created what is a life-changing dessert for ice-cream lovers!

On a more serious note, Bill Gates and Steven Ballmer of Microsoft, and Jeffrey Bezos of Amazon, are three famous winners of the National Merit Scholarship. Stephanie Meyer, author of the Twilight novels, was awarded the Brigham Young University Merit Scholarship. These are people who have driven innovations that have changed the world and told stories that have captured a generation. Scholarships change the lives of those who win them. And often they empower the receiver to become someone truly special who changes all our lives.

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About the Scholarship Programmes at ASHK

The American School Hong Kong offers the opportunity of scholarships to highly motivated and talented young students in Hong Kong. The current ASHK Scholarship Programme is peppered with incredible young minds and talented individuals that look set to shape our future.

There are three categories of scholarship on offer at the school: Merit-Based scholarships, Needs-Based scholarships, and Diversity scholarships. These are awarded to individuals and are each unique, ranging from partial to full tuition benefits, and single- or multiple-year commitments. The school also considers applications for mid-year intake for relevant students. (Parents relocating mid-year to Hong Kong, take note!)

Meet the scholars

ASHK Merit Scholarship programme recipient and Wushu World Cup champion, Jada He, is in Grade 7 at the school. Jada is an impressive young lady – she is a double world champion at the age of twelve. Jada’s Merit Scholarship award is an example of the school’s policy of encouraging excellence in all fields.

The American School Hong Kong Scholarship Programmes – student with prize

Nine-year-old ASHK student and scholarship recipient Brian Kan has already published two books. Brian’s first book, The Tale of Tom the Turtle, was published in 2017 and explored the important topic of ocean pollution. Talented Brian even brought the story to life by illustrating the book himself. Earlier this year, he released a follow-up book, The Tale of Tom the Turtle – A School of Fish, that explored bullying. He told us, “I enjoy the learning environment here at ASHK; I can learn lots of new and challenging knowledge at school in a fun and encouraging way. I like going to school every day!”.

Brian was chosen for this scholarship by the school’s panel, as is each ASHK scholarship winner. The panel includes the ASHK School Director, ASHK Admissions Director, and a representative from Esol.


The needs-based scholarship offers children who could otherwise not afford the tuition fees the chance to attend ASHK.

“At ASHK, we strive to make a world of difference,” says the school’s communications manager, Bon Bon Cheng. “Through our scholarship programme, we’re able to help kids who are under-privileged to have hope and a better future.”

The American School Hong Kong is located at 6 Ma Chung Road, Tai Po. 3919 4111 |


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