A single girl’s guide to Valentine’s Day in Hong Kong

By: Mia Mackie

Having recently moved to Hong Kong from London, and being single, I found myself wondering how surviving in the big smog would compare to the usual dismay of approaching V-Day in the big smoke.

Mia’s got heaps of ideas for surviving Valentine’s Day in HK!

To my delight, upon doing some research on Google and forums, there are heaps of options for going out, oodles of fellow singles, and a plethora of weekend trips that will take the edge off a half empty bed.

So here are a few of my top Valentines do’s and don’ts to rest assure my single Hong Kong sisters (and brothers) that Valentine’s Day need not be the depressingly daunting day that it once was, but a day of fun whether you stay in or out:

DO take advantage of the flower markets and buy yourself the biggest bunch known to man. At least you can rely on yourself to buy them and you’ll far from break the bank.

DO buy yourself a good bottle of red and an anti-romantic film. Steer clear of the ‘When Harry met Sally’s’ (and pretty much everything directed by Richard Curtis,) and veer towards any of the Tarantinos or ‘The Goodfellas’.

DO get yourself a very large box of chocolates, and be comforted by the fact that you won’t have to share a single one. (Harvey Nichols in Pacific Place has a great selection for fellow chocoholics and certainly indulges my partiality for saluting the majesty of Lady Godiva.)

DON’T buy two bottles of red. You’ll be singing ‘All by myself’ or any number of Alanis Morrisette tracks at 4am as well as drunk-dialing the ex.

DO go out! There’s loads of fun singleton options for Valentines Day. Check out Singles night at Fly in Central, Stand Up Comedy at 34 Elgin Street, LoveHub speed dating at Ocean Park, the musical ‘The Legendary Heroines’ at  Tuen Mun Town Hall, or marvel at Botticelli’s ‘The Life and Works of a Goddess’ at MGM Art Space.

DONT be sad. Just think – you could’ve ended up trapped with what’s-his-name (heaven forbid!) or not having escaped the Mr Wrongs and the thank-God-they-got-aways. Remember, you never know who you might meet on foreign shores this Feb’.

DO be brave. If you like someone you’ve met at work or around town, then spill the beans. Or if you see someone who catches your eye then approach them and tell them so. Us Hong Kong’ers in my opinion are far more up for meeting new people than hardened London folk, and life’s too short for regrets and what-ifs.

Finally, if your advances get rebuffed, then so what? You’ll have (or will soon have) great friends in a welcoming community, a fantastic and beautiful city to live in, and a faithful tub of Haagen Dazs!

Mia Mackie