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A mammoth fundraising adventure

A mammoth fundraising adventure, The Henley Group

Mark Rawson of financial advisors The Henley Group is gearing up for a mammoth fundraising adventure: a 250km six-day trek across the barren wilderness of Iceland.

Part of the Racing The Planet race series, the Iceland 2013 event is what they call their “roving race”. Each year, in addition to the Four Desert Races (250km in the Sahara, Atacama, Gobi and Antarctica) RTP holds one other in a location that changes annually, be it Jordan, Australia, Madagascar or, this year, Iceland. Mark is no stranger to these tests of endurance, having completed the Gobi stage of Race The Planet in 2010.

This year Mark will be raising awareness and money for Refugees International Japan; you can sponsor him here. The cost to educate one student for one year is just £35.