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8 easy ways to reboot your wardrobe

We all want to look good, though what that means to a 20-year-old can be totally different to someone turning 40 or 50 when it comes to your wardrobe. We asked style guru Eve Roth Lindsay, Managing Director of Savvy Style, Colour Me Beautiful, for some tips on looking great in your 30s and beyond. “Dressing your age” doesn’t mean much these days, but there are definitely styles that work better in your particular life stage – those ripped jeans might have looked great a few years ago, but when you put them on now, they just won’t look or feel right. Do a wardrobe audit and instead of just doing the usual clear out, though, focus on looking trendy and age-appropriate?

Don't buy what's in fashion, buy what suits when it comes to your wardrobe
Don’t buy what’s in fashion, buy what suits when it comes to your wardrobe

1 Ask yourself what you want

Do you want to wear clothes that are in fashion, fit well, flatter your body shape and are in colours that suit you best? Looking up-to-date doesn’t necessarily mean wearing the latest trends, top to toe. It just means you don’t want to look old-fashioned, which is what happens if you don’t change your look as time goes by. What you shouldn’t do is ignore your wardrobe – a mistake many women make. The things you wore when you were younger often don’t work 10 years later. So you need to have a clear image of what you want to achieve.

2 Work from the top down

A hairstyle that makes you happy every time you look in the mirror is what you want. Forget about age-appropriate short or long hair! Do what works for your face shape and lifestyle. If you’re on the run looking after little ones, then long hair that can be swept into a ponytail works just as well as short hair that needs trimming every month. And remember: a good haircut will take years off!

3 Makeup is just as important

Clear out the old and start with the new. If you’re still wearing the same makeup you wore five years ago, it’s time to get an update. Your skin changes over time, and so do styles. Make sure your makeup isn’t dating you or making you look older simply because you haven’t changed it.

4 Find colours that flatter you

This is a game-changer! Once you know your best colours, then you can base your wardrobe around those that work for you, and learn how to add the trends of the season. You’ll not only end up looking better, you’ll save a ton of money.

5 Know your style

What works for your friend won’t necessarily work for you. You want to wear the most flattering styles for your current body shape. If your shape has changed since you were 20, then maybe your clothes should change a bit too

6 Understand your own style “personality”

In other words, are you natural and like to be comfortable, or do you like to make a fashion statement when you walk into a room? Understanding your personal style will guide you when you’re shopping, and help to stop those random purchases. You can also get rid of the things in your wardrobe that do not fit with your style.

7 Keep a record of what you love

You can take photos of outfits and make Pinterest boards or just jot them down on paper – and it’s even better if you can remember how you felt wearing them. If something made you feel good, go for it again! If it didn’t, ask yourself why. Buy more of what you love and stop buying what doesn’t work.

8 Make a wish list

Before you shop for anything else, try on what you have and make a list of what you want. Clear out the items in your wardrobe that don’t make you feel good. Plan your shopping trips to buy only what you need. Don’t get too stuck on what might or mightn’t be age-appropriate; instead, ask yourself what is “me”-appropriate and you will look great! Finally, if you’re really not sure how to do it, ask a professional! Savvy Style, Colour Me Beautiful consultants can help you with wardrobe edits, finding your colours, personal styling and more.

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