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3 reasons to try bamboo bedding

By: Rebecca Simpson

I love sleeping and lazing around in bed, so when I got asked to trial a new luxury bedding brand, I knew I was the right person for the job! I take my bed seriously and prescribe to the ethos that we spend a third of our lives in bed, so we should treat ourselves to the best. Luxury bedding is a great place to start.

I tested the Heveya Bamboo Sheets Dream Package I, which comes with a fitted sheet, a duvet cover and pillow cases. This bedding is made from 100% bamboo fibre with a sateen weave. What does that mean? It means the fabric is 100% natural and very, very soft. Also, the sateen weave creates a slight sheen. It’s pretty.

If you’re new to bamboo fibre, welcome to a whole new world! This is a brilliant fabric lauded not only because of its super-soft and durable qualities (hence being all the rage in the maternity sector for years) but because it’s a more sustainable option. But, since many people are aware that not all bamboo fabrics are created equal, it’s important to know what you’re buying. I recommend these sheets for the following three reasons:

Heveya Bamboo Bedding
Bamboo bedding is perfect for hiding under the covers, away from the world

#1 They feel amazing

I must admit, silk-feel sheets haven’t been my first choice of bedding in the past. So, my preconceptions made me a little hesitant when I opened the package and saw these sheets. I’m a high thread count kind of gal, so traditionally, I like firmer luxury bedding. These look and feel very soft. But I must admit I’m a convert. The Heveya Bamboo sheets are soft without being slippery and they are beautiful to sleep in.

#2 They fit the bed and stay in place

We have a pillow-top mattress and this means some fitted sheets aren’t cut deep enough to stay in place. It’s a pet peeve of mine. We often end up with kids in our bed at various points through the night so our fitted sheet is pulled and pushed about a fair bit. This sheet stays in place the whole time – even my husband noted this as a positive.

#3 Bamboo luxury bedding looks luxe

The Heveya Bamboo sheet dream package looks luxe. The packaging and presentation is lovely, and the sateen weave means the sheets look beautiful on the bed. We tried the grey fitted sheet with the white duvet cover, with grey and white pillows. The grey is a handsome, elegant hue that washes well. The white duvet cover looks delicate but there’s no transparency, it’s a solid cover.

Heveya Bamboo bedding
Heveya Bamboo sheet dream package

You can read more about the Heveya Bamboo sheet dream package here.

Find Heveya products at Okooko by European Bedding, and visit the showroom at 13/F, The Plaza LKF, 21 D’Aguilar Street, Central. 2870 1132 | europeanbedding.hk

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